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Scourby Bible App

Scourby Bible App

For many Bible believers, the first thing they look for when they get a smartphone is a Bible App. Recently even the Pope started using a Bible able and said this recently in St. Peter’s Square: “Christians should care about reading God’s messages in the Bible as much as they care  about checking messages on their cellphones, what would happen if we turned back  when we forget it, if we opened it more times a day, if we read the messages of God  contained in the Bible the way we read messages on our cellphones?

This makes perfect sense because we all always have our smartphones with us, and not having one makes many of us feel incomplete. If Christians had a Bible App on their smartphones, they would have access to the Bible at all times for instant inspiration and comfort.

In our search on the internet, we found a huge number of Bible apps and the question came to mind, what Bible App do users believe is the best Bible App among the dozens available on the market. So rather than try to figure out which one was the best, the700 Club News decided to take a survey poll of it’s readers as well as thousand of our email supporters in our Christian Data Base.

We asked two Questions:
1. What’s your favorite Bible App and what features do you like best?
2. What Bible Narrator do you like the best?

Following are the results of our survey poll:

The 78.6 percent of the people that responded selected the Scourby You Bible Bible App as their No 1 favorite Bible App. The features they liked the best was the custom playlist feature, Bible Verse Sharing feature and full search engine.

The number 1 Bible narrator selected was Alexander Scourby who received 89.3 percent of all the votes of who the responders liked the best. That seemed like a very high number, but we did read where The Chicago Tribune did write that Alexander Scourby has the Greatest Voice ever recorded.

What really sets this app apart from all the rests are two things. (1) The Apps unparalleled features like the custom playlists, being able to share Bible Verses with family and friends, and the full search engine. Having each Bible verses in it’s own mp3 files permits users to exact any verse and put it into a custom playlist. Within the playlist users can then rearrange the Bible verses in any order they so choose. When the user hits the play button the Bible App will then play the with text and audio synced together. No other Bible App can do that. (2) What really makes this the best app on the market is the unparalleled narration by Alexander Scourby of the King James Bible. There is simply no better narrator in the entire world. The Chicago Tribune was exactly right, Alexander Scourby has the greatest voice ever recorded. This is certainly a five-star Bible App coupled with a five-star Bible narration and that’s why it gets our number 1 ranking.

You can get information about the Scourby You Bible App at

Roger Collins
Assistant Editor
700 Club News

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